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Porsche Flat-Six Boxer Engine Model Kit, Porsche Museum Edition - updated 2020!


The Porsche flat-six engine and the cars it powers are legendary.  With this kit, you assimple a transparent working model of a 1966 Porsche 911 two liter flat-six engine in about 3 hours.  Allkey engine parts move authentically.  No glue needed - the precision compenents screw together.

*1:4 scale model of the classic 1966 Porsche Flat-Six engine with moving parts

*290 piece kit

*Electronic sound module with genuine boxer engine sound

*Transparent casing - see inside of the engine as it runs

*Camshafts activated by motorised belt

*Spark plug firing simulated with red LEDs

*Working distributor

*Spinning cooling fan

*Extended collector's manual written and produced by The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

*Requires three AA batteries INCLUDED



*Parts in new color, many of them in metallic look

* High-quality loudspeaker for powerful boxer sound

*New, updated manual

*Sound  module now with audio output


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