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Let EBS Racing Be Your Engine Machining Partner

It might come as a surprise to you, but did you know that EBS Racing offers a full line of custom machining services for your Porsche drivetrain? Whether you're in the middle of a complete rebuild and you need fresh clean surfaces, or you're creating a wild big-power monster of an engine for your Porsche...READ MORE

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Engine Rebuild Programs & Rebuild Kits | EBSRacing.com

Anyone whos ever worked on a Porsche will tell you, rightly, that working on Porsche racing engines and transmissions is fun, but also demanding. This is work for the real Porsche enthusiast, the lover of great design and stunning performance achievements.To do this work well, you need all the right parts, good support...READ MORE

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Transmission Rebuild Programs & Rebuild Kits | EBSRacing.com

Classic Porsches have skyrocketed in value in recent times. The instant effect of this situation has been to start a sort of global Porsche Restoration Renaissance. Porsche fans are rebuilding and restoring old Porsches around the world.  Big money aside - We didnt exactly need to be told Porsche rebuilding is a great idea...READ MORE