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Why You Need a Metal Door Oil Sump Baffle | www.EBSRacing.com

In any engine, but especially one designed by Porsche, proper oil lubrication is the most important aspect in keeping it running in tip-top condition. Porsche likes to use large quantities of oil in their engines as a way of providing extra cooling, it's a carryover from the days of air-cooled engines when oil coolers were integral to engine cooling. In the case of the M96 and M97 engines, even with those large reserves of dino juice inside your engine, it is possible for your engine to starve itself of oil in instances of sustained high-G force. If your 996, Boxster, 997, or Cayman has been fitted with particularly sticky tires and you spend a lot of time at the track or driving canyon roads, you are at risk for oil starvation, which could be deadly for your engine.

The oil pump pickup tube in your M96 engine sits inside something like a plastic cage from the factory. Because cost cutting is always a factor for a major manufacturer like Porsche, that plastic cage uses a rubber flapper door to prevent oil sloshing. Over time, considering extreme heat, and near constant back and forth motion, that rubber has a propensity to break down, promoting more oil movement within your engine. These cost cuts have led to a less than optimal oil baffle. In the X51-package cars, Porsche devised a different oil baffle cage that is more effective at sealing off the oil pickup tube during cornering loads, but it remains plastic, and the flapper doors are still crafted of rubber.

EBS Racing has the solution to your engine's oil sloshing problems in the form of our stainless steel oil baffle. This is a tried and true engine longevity upgrade that you shouldn't dismiss. Our oil sump baffle has also done away with those temperamental and unreliable rubber flapper doors, instead using an old trick developed by drag racers, a quartet of hinged metal 'trap door' flaps. The flaps are one-way, allowing oil to drain into the middle of the sump, then closing to keep the oil there where the pickup can suck it up easily.

Sure, this product won't make your engine produce more power, and it won't help you improve your lap time in your club racing session, but it just might help your engine survive another season. If your oil pickup tube can't suck up enough oil when you're negotiating Rainey Curve at Laguna Seca, you could spin a rod bearing or worse.

You may not be buying performance, but you are definitely buying peace of mind.

This oil baffle is guaranteed to work with any M96 or M97-powered Porsche Boxster, Cayman, or 911 built between 1997 and 2008. This product is not compatible with Mezger engined cars (911 Turbo, GT3, or GT2) or 9A1 engined cars (Direct Fuel Injection engines from 2008 onward). For more information on product benefits or fitment, or to place an order, call one of our EBS Racing Porsche specialists at 1-800-462-3774.