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EBS Racing / Engine Builders Supply. With over 20 years in business and 55 years combined Porsche parts experience, EBS Racing has only specialized in Porsche parts exclusively (Porsche 356, 911, 912, 914, 924, 928, 944, 968, Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman and Panamera.). We also supply tools, machine shop services and can provide expert advice for any Porsche project you may have (repair, restoration, high performance and Porsche racing projects.) Call us toll-free today: 800-462-3774 and ask us about our FREE SHIPPING! (Free Shipping on orders of $100 or more & under 15 lbs. Some exceptions apply.)

Meet the EBS Racing Staff

EBS Racing - Porsche Parts Exclusively Jon Freismidl / Owner & Porsche Project Consultant
THE FIRST TIME JON Freismidl glanced into his future, he was looking over his shoulder. He was 15 years old, a military brat born and raised in Germany, riding on the autobahn with his father when the elder Fresmidl excitedly told him to turn around because something very fast was gaining on them.

It turned out to be a Guards Red 1975 Porsche 930 Turbo, wide body with a tail, and it was really going good, Fresimidl says with a grin.

He enjoys reminiscing about the experience that planted the seed that would blossom into his Reno, Nev. Based company, EBS Racing, which deals exclusively with Porsches. It provides racing and high-performance parts, engine-building advice and development work for hard-core enthusiasts and racers around the world. Or, as he likes to point out no car covers, bras or key fobs.

After high school, Freismidl moved with his father to San Francisco, where he earned a football scholarship to San Francisco State.

After a knee injury ended his gridiron aspirations, he followed his passion for cars by becoming a manager in a Bay Area chain of auto-parts stores. Then a want ad for a local shop that dealt in Porsche race and restoration parts for 911 RSRs and 935s caught his eye.

He got the job and worked there for almost three years, learning about the specialized nature of the business and how to locate and distribute parts worldwide.

Unfortunately, that company didnt survive, but the idea of a similar business catering to Porsche performance enthusiasts did. Freismidl went back to school to earn his MBA at night while working construction during the day.

I was digging holes for fence posts and pounding nails, thinking of getting back into the Porsche business and how to twist the strategy to make it work for me, he recalls.

He began by hawking engine rebuilding kits, storing the parts in his bedroom. That soon expanded to his garage, then to a 1,000 square-foot warehouse.

Freismidl moved to Reno about 18 years ago for lifestyle and affordability reasons. He owns the now 6,600 square foot facilities that house his administrative offices, warehouse, workshop and a Margaritaville-themed kitchen, bar and dining area that on Friday afternoons serves as a hangout for local Porsche enthusiasts. Many of them have cars that serve as rolling test beds for EBS.

Company cars include a 964, a 996 and a 1973 911T currently undergoing a 3.6 liter RS conversion.

We try to find cars that our customers are looking at and use them as test beds for finding products that deliver the best bang for the buck, Freismidl says. In factr, if we werent running our business, wed be somebody elses customers.

About 65 percent of his business centers on air-cooled cars, but he really wants to learn about later models, including the Cayenne.

Freismidl is a serious businessman with 20 years of growth as proof, but he also understands that any car enthusiast based business should also be funhence the Porsche meets Parrothead Friday afternoons.

The main thin is to have fun, enjoy what we are doing and treat customers as friends, Freismidl says. And the more customers we have, the more friends we have.
EBS Racing - Porsche Parts Exclusively Don Weaver / Sales Manager & Porsche Project Consultant
Don Weaver has been working with Porsche cars professionally for 20 years and has been with EBS Racing for 15 of those years. A Porsche enthusiast himself, he understands Porsche's inside and out. He's owned many Porsche cars over the years, and he can immediately identify with his enthusiastic customers who are looking for high-performance upgrades. He knows what they are talking about because he's been through the same hurdles working on cars himself. Don had an old 914 out of high school and would take it into the local shop for parts and service. After a while, he started working on cars there, then ran parts, and eventually moved into customer service. He offers an in depth knowledge of parts and his biggest strength is engine hard parts and helping customers through their projects.At EBS Racing, he helps consult & dial in the parameters for each engine project. If you give him an outline, he can help lay out a design based upon engine or budget needs. We recently interviewed Don to find out more about what drives him, and what makes him one of the best "Go To" guys for Porsche enthusiasts around the world. Find out about the great new projects he's working on, and what makes EBS stand out from its competitors.
EBS Racing - Porsche Parts Exclusively Troy Chapman / Sales & Warehouse Manager
As the Sales & Purchasing Manager at EBS Racing, Troy is responsible for getting customers the best possible pricing on Porsche parts exclusively. He works with 4 main vendors and picks the best pricing from each vendor, making sure that customers get the best possible deals on Porsche parts & accessories. Troy's strength is his ability to get the proper parts to customers the first time, utilizing the right references and years of knowledge. When asked why he thought EBS racing was better than the competitor, Troy answered, "We're always here. There's not a big turnover at EBS because we are all good friends and work well together as a team. Our customers can usually count on working with the same person, year after year." He adds, "We also have great relationships with our customers, because they know we'll be here for technical advice when they need us."

Troy joined EBS Racing in March 2005. Prior, he worked with Mercedes for four years, Super Shops high performance racing, and with a Porsche dealer in parts & service. For fun- he enjoys traveling the countryside on his Harley Davidson. His goal is to visit every state in the US, already completing 48 states. This year, he will visit Hawaii, and next year, Alaska. When asked how he'd get his Harley to Hawaii, he stated that he doesn't do ALL his traveling by motorcycle, for this one, he'll fly.
EBS Racing - Porsche Parts Exclusively Nicole Martinez / Office Manager
Meet Nicole Martinez, EBS Racing's Receptionist and master facilitator. Nicole has been with EBS racing for over a year. She's responsible for answering the busy phone system, and providing excellent customer service by getting global customers to the right sales person, or by answering questions relating to invoices.

One of Nicole's many strengths is her friendly, helpful attitude, wanting to go above and beyond the call of duty in helping as many people as she can in any given day. Nicole loves her job and she says that it's helpful to have such a great bosses, who have allowed her to learn and grow in a professional, yet fun atmosphere. The experience at EBS Racing has taught her to be more mature at the business level, more personable, and more fulfilled. She loves working at EBS. She loves the "family like" atmosphere, the staff, her boss Robin, and Duke the dog who always manages to bring a smile to everyone's face. Oh, and let's not forget the famous Friday get-to-gether's with customers, vendors and staff she enjoys so much.

Nicole is a student at Truckee Meadow's Community College (TMCC), with the goal of becoming a Doctor. She has already completed her Nursing Assistant Certification, and all of her prerequisite classes for her AA Degree. She is now awaiting acceptance into the RN program. She graduated with honors from Northern Nevada Career College, and was president of the student council, so she should do just fine in meeting her goals.

She describes herself as artistic, friendly, outgoing, helpful, eclectic and creative. She loves art, hanging out with family, working out and boxing. Soon, she'd like to begin taking dance classes, including beginning ballet.

We want you to feel like you are apart of the EBS Racing family too, so the next time you call and speak to Nicole, rest assured that you are in good hands.
EBS Racing - Porsche Parts Exclusively Robin Pilkington / Bookkeeper
When you think about hard work and dedication, you think of Robin Pilkington. Robin is an independent contractor for EBS Racing, along with her three other clients and a busy school schedule. She works closely with owner Jon Freismidl, and deals on the backend of EBS, handling bookkeeping and office management. She also provides clerical support to the salesmen, making their lives easier so that they can concentrate on good customer service.

When asked how she likes working at EBS, she states, "I love the laid back atmosphere and the great people." She adds, "Jon is an incredible business man. It is a true asset to have a boss that is supportive of the importance of getting into all of the accounting aspects of the back office, and the company as a whole."

Robin was born in California, and has lived in Florida, and Georgia before coming to Nevada to be closer to family. Robin adds a different perspective to EBS racing. First of all, she doesn't drive a Porsche. She drives a big truck, which she works on herself. She is also an enthusiast of Internationals, she owns a 1974 Scout II as well as a 1973 Travelall. She has also owned her own stone installation company, a heavy equipment rental store and a planning and consulting business. In her spare time, she enjoys caring for and riding her horses, and owns 4 acres of property in Northwest Reno, which she plans on using to help ex-foster children enter college. She states, "Once Foster children turn 18, they are out on their own. There is funding for books and tuition, but the kids have nowhere to stay and most of them have no idea how to enroll in school. I want to start a non-profit organization that houses these kids so that they can go to college. If they prove a "C" or better grade in their first year of college, they get more funding from the federal government. The problem is, getting them going on their first year so that they can prove themselves." Robin is currently seeking her Associate in Science degree in Residential Design, a degree that will come into use in designing and managing a college dorm for ex fostered teens.