Porsche restoration parts

Classic Porsches have skyrocketed in value in recent times. The instant effect of this situation has been to start a sort of global Porsche Restoration Renaissance. Porsche fans are rebuilding and restoring old Porsches around the world.

Big money aside - We didnt exactly need to be told Porsche rebuilding is a great idea, for both fun and profit. EBS Racing has been providing Porsche parts for restoration and repair for over 25 years.

Theres another very practical reason for a good restoration job on any Porsche. If you can bring a classic Porsche back to its incredible best, expect to have a lot of fun. Wait till you what classic Porsche performance really means, and youll know what we mean. Its a truly fabulous experience.

Important note: Recycling Porsche parts, particularly engine and system parts, may not be a good idea. Tough as Porsches are, if you have a worn or iffy part, its not going to help performance. It can also add a lot of irritating, unnecessary extra work to your restoration job. Play safe and use only top quality parts for restoration. After all, it is a Porsche.

Need some Porsche parts for a classic restoration job?

Now the good news You dont need to spend hours online roaming the world looking for Porsche high performance parts.

We can supply all the parts you need for a complete restoration:

  • Engine Rebuild Kits- We can supply all parts necessary to do a complete engine rebuild on your 356, 911, 912, or 914. Engine Rebuild Kits include an engine gasket set, bearings, piston rings, rod nuts and bolts, timing chains and chain rails, valve guides, hardware and much more.
  • Transmission Rebuild Kits- These kits include transmission gasket set, synchro rings, gear teeth and all transmission bearings. Never guess about parts quality with the transmission, either.
  • Body Seal Kits- Include all seals to do a complete paint restoration.
  • Replacement front and rear taillight lens kits- new USA or Euro version front and rear single and taillight lens kits for a new appearance
  • Compete Bushing replacement kit- replace all your bushing with the newest latest material bushing for a firm ride.
  • Brake Kits- All parts to replace front and rear brake rotors and pads.
  • Suspension Kits- Replacement front and rear shocks for stock, high performance or racing applications.
  • MFI Pump- Repair and restoration of MFI pump and parts
  • Carburettor Kits- New complete PMO carburettor kits for your classic Porsche.

Check out our Porsche parts online. If you need some help or technical support, ask our experts. Were happy to assist fellow Porsche fans.