EBS Racing Engine and Transmission Rebuild Service

Anyone whos ever worked on a Porsche will tell you, rightly, that working on Porsche racing engines and transmissions is fun, but also demanding. This is work for the real Porsche enthusiast, the lover of great design and stunning performance achievements.

To do this work well, you need all the right parts, good support, and real talent. EBS Racing supplies our clients with the parts and the support. Our clients are the true Porsche fans Theyre real devotees. They know their way around a Porsche from behind the wheel, under the car and in some wonderful place in the gearbox. These are the people we work with on a daily basis, and we have a lot of fun.

Talk to us about your racing engine and transmission rebuild. Our 25 years of experience in working with anything and everything Porsche gives us the expertise to provide exactly what you want for your Porsche racing engine job.

You name it; if its Porsche racing parts. basic Porsche car parts or a Porsche racing engine, weve done it, and enjoyed doing it. From 356 to 997 GT3 4.2-liter conversion, we really have done it all. All recommended upgrades and improvements are incorporated into our engine and transmission rebuilds.

Our machine shop services

Our precision machine shop capabilities are designed to work with precision-made Porsches. We can tell you for a fact that when Porsche say precision, theyre not kidding. Working on a Porsche is like taking an auto design course.

We know every inch, every specification, and every possible problem. If youd like some help with your rebuild and/ or transmission job, were your do-everything solution.

We can supply all the authentic OEM Porsche parts and Porsche racing parts, and do the precision work you need.

Its easy to use our machine shop services:

  • Give us a call.
  • Talk to one of our friendly Porsche experts about what you need.
  • Set up a job with us.
  • Ship the engine direct to us.
  • We do the work, and ship it back to you.

This is the easy, simple, and efficient way to manage the demanding precision issues of working with Porsche racing engines and transmissions.

Just give us a call, or talk to us on Live Chat about what you need. One of our experts will be able to help, walk you through the process, and set up your job.