Porsche Boxter

The Porsche Boxter isnt really an old car, but that hasnt stopped this famous roadster from entering the hallowed halls of Porsche legendary cars. It is also one of the most popular Porsches of all time. Porsche Boxster drivers really qualify as a subspecies of Porsche fans. That popularity has received a significant boost in recent years with the incredible increase in Porsche prices.

If youre refitting or restoring a Porsche Boxter, expect some authentic car restoration fun, some surprises, and the very real challenges of working with a precision made car. Having said which You need to be a true Porsche enthusiast to do this work.

Porsche Boxster restorations require real skills, as well as enthusiasm. There are several things to get your head around with the Porsche Boxster, including the rear mid-engine and the different dimensions of the various models of the Porsche Boxter between 1996 and 2004.

There are also the issues with the Porsche 718 Boxster flat-four turbocharged engine, and the notorious ability of small, essential Porsche parts to be missing when you need them. You really do need to know your way around this vehicle, and its critically important to get the right parts for the right model. The usual trap here is you can certainly get Porsche Boxster parts, but theyre for the wrong Porsche Boxster. Expensive and irritating hardly describes it.

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If youre looking for some help with your Porsche Boxster, talk to us first. Were Porsche specialists and we know the issues. If youre having trouble with the assembly, parts missing, or other inevitable problems, were here to help.

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