Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is Porsches innovative SUV, a long-running design which ran into 11 different models, including four Turbo models. This very popular car is another in the seemingly endless list of popular Porsche restoration models.

The main issue for restorers, of course, is getting the right parts for the right model. This can be truly maddening. The engines and transmissions alone have five different kW ratings between the different models. You can imagine how many parts 11 different models of the car can produce.

If youre looking for a way of spending a lot of time quite literally rummaging around online for bits and pieces of a Porsche Cayenne, you could spend years doing it. The other thing you could spend years doing is tearing your hair out with a menagerie of parts, and strange complexities in assembly which dont seem to make sense.

Thats why people restore Porsches It really is a challenge, even with the right parts, and only the experts really get it right. If you can restore a Porsche to the point where a real Porsche enthusiast wants to buy it, youre in the top class of car restorers.

You can also spend lots of money when you dont need to. Believe us when we say that you can do a lot better than the usual online gouging exercise for Porsche parts. Why should you pay a fortune for the wrong parts, to start with? The truth is that many of these guys dont really know much about the parts they sell.

EBS Racing does things a bit differently. Like, entirely. We actually are Porsche specialists; we do know the story about the labyrinth of different parts required for different models. We have a complete range of Porsche Cayenne parts. We also have the experts to help you when youre having issues with assembly, plans, detailing, and other nuts and bolts issues.

Check out our Porsche Cayenne parts online, and talk to our equally fanatical Porsche experts about what you need. Well be happy to provide any services you need, and make sure that your Porsche Cayenne job runs as smoothly as your Porsche well when it gets on the road.